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Who I am

I'm a Drupal developer for Penn State World Campus and a freelance web developer in Athens, PA. I'm a laid back guy who enjoys a good laugh, beer, and building awesome websites and applications for my clients. I focus on providing my clients with robust, user-friendly, and responsive products. My job is to make my client's life easier by providing them with exactly what they need. Whether it is a website or web application, I am up to the challenge.

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Personal / Freelance Work

David Webster's Pottery

David Webster's Pottery

David Webster's pottery is a privately owned pottery studio in Sayre, Pennslyvania.  He came to me and asked if I could migrate his existing site from to his own domain, and build it so that he can easily manage the content himself.
San-Du Auto sales

San-Du Auto Sales

San-Du Auto Sales is a privately owned used car dealership in Wellsboro, PA. I was asked to develop a website for the owners that was easy to use, scalable, and user-friendly so that they could market for online sales and advertising.
Ebay Dashboard

Ebay Notifications

Ebay notifications is a custom built dashboard utilizing bootstrap for the layout and an integration with Ebay's Finding API.
Magic The Gathering Tournament

Magic The Gathering Tournament

This application is for home-brewed Magic The Gathering Tournament point tracker. The application is account based, so it can be used by any number of people to keep track of tournament rankings. 

Career Work

World Campus Prospects

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus is the online campus of The Pennsylvania State University. The World Campus website is built using Drupal CMS and contains numerous integrations with 3rd party services like SSO, integration with the university's CRM, and analytics.
Student Center website display

World Campus Student Center

The Penn State World Campus Student Center is a website that current students are able to see their past, current, and future courses as well as any pertinent information relating to their career.
Penn State Nittany AI

Penn State Nittany AI

Penn State Nittany AI was designed as an engagement for Penn State students at University Park to work on AI–related projects.
Penn State World Campus Alumni

Penn State Alumni

How I can Help you

Think back to the last time you handed someone a business card and they said "Do you have a website that I can find more information?". What was your response? Whether you are a personal trainer, yoga instructor, church affiliate, owner of a basket weaving shop, owner of a restaurant or dance club, there is much value in having an online web presence. I would love to know how I can help you or your business.


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